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Poems are...
Political, Anti-Government, Defiant, Satirical and Witty

The pattern of Soyinka's poem and work frequently seem demanding to read and understand, at least from my point of view, but rewarding to read. Although I will not be dissecting any of his plays that have been widely praised, but even, those are known to be seldomly performed outside Africa, because of the difficulty associated with making it simple enough for the western audience to relate to African literature and culture.

Humor and compassion are evident in his writings, as well as his chilling portrayal of the consequences of political greed and oppression. This signature adds a universal significance to his portrayals of West African life.

In addition, Yoruba mythology and ritual are somewhat usually incorporated his work and seem to be a recurring topic.

If one were to pay close attention to his poems, one will discover Soyinka's tendency to condemn African superstitions with much emphasis leveled against religious leaders who use these medium to exploit fears for personal gains.

Finally, the pattern of his poems are usually based on the African cultural tradition where he functions as perhaps the recorder of the traditional customs and experiences of his society and a reflection of his own philosophy to server as a watch dog of twentieth-century Africa's political turmoil and the continent's struggle to reconcile tradition with modernization.

Artist-Poet-Activist-Dramatist-Author-NobelPrize Winner