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What His Critics Are Saying

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What His Critics Are Saying
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His critics falter

Soyinka's critics see him as a prose writer and not a great poet.  They believe his poetry is notorious for densely clotted and knotty grammar, and overloaded with unecessary metaphors.
Some critics also describe his work as too broad and cover extra ordinary range of topics, including  literary criticism and aesthetic theory, theatre and cultural history and most prevalent political issues. Soyinka is also accused of using too many jargons that are not explanable to the mere reader.


In fact, some of soyinka’s critics from Nigeria and abroad have accussed him of lack of authenticity in his writing.


There is more...

The man Wole Soyinka have often been misinterpreted and misrepresented by some of his critics and his own country's Nigerian media, from south to north,east and west.

Like his poems, novels and numerous write ups, Soyinka has remain an enigma, respected by those who understand him, feared by those who he often criticize, and despised by those who thought he is arrogant, because all they know about him have been what they read in the Nigeria media in the past one and a half decade or thereabout.

Artist-Poet-Activist-Dramatist-Author-NobelPrize Winner